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VIP reception for filmmakers, sponsors and VIP guests. Musical accompaniment by Asher Stanley

6:00 PM - 6:30PM

Worship with special guest worship leader. (30 mins)
Showing Best Music Video Nominee:  Illuminate by Charisah, Directed by Luke Covert

Crimson Directed by: Tammy Lane (12 mins)
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The story develops as we see the principal characters, Peter, Judas, and Malchus process the harrowing account of Jesus’ road from the garden to the cross.

If – Directed by: Brandon Baker (00:04:22)
An old dreamer happily imagines himself as various passers-by and shows that what matters most in life are the people in it.

not alone – Directed by: Earl Martin (00:07:38)
An encouraging story about a man struggling with loss, and loneliness, who realizes in the end that, he’s not alone.

Select upcoming festival film trailers (6 mins)
Inheritance – Directed by: Rick LaLonde (1 hr 34 mins)
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The Delvecchios are a close-knit extended family, but after the death of the patriarch, two feuding brothers are left to run the family business. Then a dark family secret comes to light causing old grudges to be magnified and loyalties to be called into question.

7:00PM - 7:30PM
Short Film Screenings

Georgia Mae – Directed by: Bruce Harner (14 mins)
A retelling story of the prodigal son, but with a daughter.

One Day – Directed by: Gwendelynn Martindale (17 mins)
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What would you do if you had one day to live? One Day is a short film about a young man John, who finds out that he has only one day left to live, he makes a plan for how he will use his one day, but things do not go as planned.

Select upcoming festival film trailers (00:06:00)

Call It In The Air 2 – Directed by: Brian Verchick (1 hr 23 mins)
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This sequel to the Award Winning Film ‘Call It In The Air’ is original, delightful and cleverly funny. This story begins with the rekindled friendship of Patrick (Matt Thomsen) and Lana (Leana Rupp). In the pursuit of discovering his true feeling for Lana, the return of Melissa (Anna Copp) from the Convent only complicates matters. The reminder of the promise ring Patrick once gave Melissa, only hinders what could be his long-awaited opportunity to find true love… Or Does it? Does Melissa let him off easy? Or Does he change his mind and honor the ‘promise ring’ he gave her? Let’s Call It In The Air Again?

6:30PM - 9:00PM

No films scheduled.

2:00PM - 3:30PM
Documentary Film Screenings

Discovering Heaven – Directed by: Stephen Gray (10 mins)
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An airline pilot died in a famous airplane crash in Burbank California, originally reported by The LA Times. Capt. Dale Black had a glimpse of Heaven and came back to share of his near-death experience as the sole survivor of a non-survivable plane wreck.

Limitless Joy
  – Directed by: Bill McCreary (9 mins)
Joyfulness is not something that is passing or fleeting but always consistent and limitless. Although Joy looks and feels different depending on the situation, its original design was meant to fill us up and overflow into our every word and human interaction. So why are we not always feeling it? And what is draining us of our Joy?

Come Alive – Directed by: David Peters (1 hr 04 mins)
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What would our world look like if more churches followed the example Jesus gave us to serve the poor and needy? First Baptist Church in Leesburg, Florida, sought to answer that question over 30 years ago and laid the foundation for what is now the Christian Care Center.

My Amish World – Directed by: Samuel Wickey (1 hr 20 mins)
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A film produced and directed by an Amish man, Samuel Wickey. In this incredible story based on true events, the mother and father are overwhelmed with emotion when their children are severely bullied in a public school, and the father wants his family to leave the Amish.

In this story about an Amish family struggling with the upbringing of a boy born with an enigmatic mental disorder, they are gripped by fear and astonishment when they witness the boy has unusual artistic abilities. The mother and father are deeply concerned since their strict Amish religion, teaches that any form of artistic expression is forbidden.

The boy and his siblings are raised by a mother who cannot embrace them, praise them or even say I love you. They must only pray that God heals them. In a family deeply ingrained in a religion where parents are forbidden to express love for their children, the father breaks the chains of fear and oppression to allow hope, the expression of love and freedom to leave the Amish.

Worship with special guest worship leader. (30 mins)
Showing Best Music Video Nominee – Father by The Evidence, Directed by Luke Covert

Lights – Directed by: Matthew Hanisch (6 mins)
After losing his way, a young man must reconcile his past mistakes if he hopes to reconnect with his parents and find the light in his life again.

Exclusive Breakthrough special presentation with Pastor Jason Noble. Produced by DeVon Franklin (The Star, Miracles from Heaven) starring Chrissy Metz (This Is Us – NBC). Pastor Jason will be talking about the upcoming 20th Century Fox film and showing exclusive footage. (45 mins)

Pastor Jason Noble

Select upcoming festival film trailers (00:06:00)
One Nation Under God – Directed by: Lisa Arnold (1 hr 30 mins)
Starring Isaak Presley (Stuck in the Middle, Fuller House), Kevin Sorbo (God’s Not Dead, Hercules) & Antonio Sabato Jr.
Watch the trailer

In America today, what are we directed to believe in? What as a society do we trust? This is the first question that gifted student-David Gutierrez is asked as he enters his new school – Lee Magnet High. When the lead Presidential candidate comes to speak to the Lee High student body, David seizes the opportunity to address the Senator. “If our founding fathers placed God at the center of our Nation, shouldn’t God be a part of our schools and government today?” The Senator and student’s paths become intertwined after a video is leaked of the encounter. Both struggle to have the faith and courage to stand up for what they truly believe in.

Come meet Isaak Presley the star of the soon to be released feature film One Nation Under God as well as Disney Channel’s Stuck in the Middle and Netflix’s Fuller House. Take a picture or bring something for him to sign.

Isaak Presley
12:00PM - 1:00PM
Workshop - Creatively reaching out to your community.

Come hear Pastor Jason Noble speak on the topic of how pastors and church leaders can use creative way to reach out to their community and engage their congregations. All are invited to hear some new innovative ways of outreach. Workshop is geared more towards pastors and church leaders. (1 hour)

Pastor Jason Noble

All God’s Children – Directed by: Joseph Holmes (7 mins)
Men and women struggle through their problems alone while ignoring God’s frustrated attempts to help them.

Colonel Papa Cubano – Directed by: Rich Swingle  (75 mins)
An atheist says yes to the Lord and becomes a great father of his children and his denomination in Cuba.

The Intersection – Directed by: Corey Graham (6 mins)
A man struggling with drug addiction soon finds himself transported to “The Intersection”. Which is a stopping point between his world and the next.

Overdue – Directed by: Ricky Pope (7 mins)
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A pregnant librarian, on a journey to the perfect baby name, goes into labor and is joined on her trip by cast of characters from her favorite books. Time is running out as her husband hits to road to get her to the hospital.

Refuge – Directed by: Angela Wold (00:26:00)
Watch the trailer
Telfer thought he had everything he wanted as a contract hit man. When a routine job lands him face-to-face with a figure of his past, he is forced to make a choice. Deception, truth, motives, and choices race against time as the lives of characters collide. It’s a story of the redemption God gives to those looking for Him.

Classic Restoration– Directed by: Debby Gaudet (00:26:00)
Watch the trailer
A modern day Prodigal Son. Jose must travel far and lose much to return to a loving father’s embrace and a restored relationship.


The Kingdom – Directed by: James Meyer (1 hr 23 mins)
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In the lush, rolling hills of Kosovo vineyards, Fatmir, a pampered son of a successful vineyard owner, hopes to catch his rising star and make a name for himself. He takes a risk and sponsors a smooth-talking artist who has the potential to become internationally famous.


Tori’s Triumph – Directed by: Micah Byler (45 mins)
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Tori’s Triumph is a documentary chronicling the story of Lesa and Brennan Brackbill and their daughter Tori. Tori was diagnosed with Krabbe (crab-ay), a terminal disease that took her life at 19 months and 27 days.

12:00PM - 1:00PM
Film Distribution Workshop

Ask questions and get answers about film distribution with special guest speakers Douglas Maddox of Parables/Upliftv and Bill Carroll of Gateway Film and Vision Video. All are welcome to attend. Workshop is geared toward filmmakers/producers. (1 hour)

Douglas Maddox - DBM Communications, Inc., Bill Carroll - Vision Video

Want to know more about what’s going on in the faith based film/media industry? Come and ask any questions you have with a fantastic film panel of producers, directors, and distributors. (1 hour)
Guests include:
Producer: Jarred Coates – One Nation Under God, God’s Not Dead, Beautifully Broken
Director: John Grooters – Tortured for Christ, The Frontier Boys
Distributor: Douglas Maddox – DBM Communications, Inc.
Distributor: Bill Carroll – Vision Video

Moderated by: Keith Mitchell – Cinevee

9:30AM -10:00AM

Worship with special guest worship leader. (30 mins)
Showing Best Music Video Nominee:  Run to You by Alan, Directed by Luke Covert

Living Word – Directed by: Daniel Nuckols (18 mins)
Join Lauren Harper as she fights the fight of faith—living by God’s Word as she goes throughout her day. One will quickly find that Lauren’s world is far from perfect. After sin and brokenness from outside and within, threaten to ruin her faith, God’s Word is shown to be living and active and points her to the Hero of the story—Jesus Christ.

Refuge – Directed by: William H. Adams (38 mins)
Watch the trailer
When a woman takes on a foster child they both find healing as they learn about each others’ pasts.

Bump – Directed by: Katherine Johnson (37 mins)
Watch the trailer
A young couple fight to save their unborn child from the authorities bent on destroying all children conceived outside of the “rules”.


Bring the whole family and watch 3 movies and a fun music video for the price of 1!
Showing stars with Best Music Video Nominee “Star in the East” by Katie Garibaldi (3 mins)
Watch the trailer
Followed by the heartwarming animated short film:
A Boy’s World – Directed by: Garrison Hill (4 mins)
A young boy must pursue his dream alone when his military father doesn’t return home.

followed by an animated series episode of:
Torchlighter: The Harriet Tubman Story – Robert Fernandez (30 mins)
Watch the trailer
Does God answer prayers? Every day Harriet Tubman prayed for deliverance from the oppression of slavery. Little did she know, God had a plan, and she was part of it. Discover the incredible story of faith, perseverance, and prayer in our latest Torchlighters episode: The Harriet Tubman story!

followed immediately by the wonderful true story animated feature film:
Sgt. Stubby: An Unlikely Hero – Directed by Richard Lanni (01:24:00) starring Helena Bonham Carter (Les Misérables, The King’s Speech)
Watch the trailer
With World War I looming, a young Army Pvt. Robert Conroy is adopted by a stray, stump-tailed terrier. Conroy names his new friend Stubby and gives him a home, a family, and a chance to embark on the adventure that would define a century. The two quickly find themselves in the trenches of France and on the path to history. French soldier Gaston Baptiste befriends the duo and accompanies them along their epic journey through harsh conditions and incredible acts of courage.

Can’t stay for the whole day, no problem.
Tickets for just this block of films is available here:


Rachel’s Pitch –  Directed by: Julia Fulmer (13 mins)
In this satirical portrayal of the entertainment industry, join Rachel Jensen, a quirky but ambitious young filmmaker, as she attempts to pitch her ideas to Mr. McKnight, an intimidating big-time producer.

Come watch this comedic short film directed by 17 year old Julia Fulmer, staring 2x Grammy nominated recording artist Jamie Grace.
Filmmaker Julia Fulmer and Jamie Grace with be available to answer questions and sign autographs after the screening.

At 13 Julia was diagnosed with T-Cell ALL an her cancer journey, of course, brought many changes to her life. One of these was turning her love of movies into more than a fun hobby. Julia studied films more intensely and began to develop her own “voice” as a visual storyteller. Make-A-Wish South Carolina partnered with her to help make her wish a reality.

Julia Fulmer & Jamie Grace

Vindication: A Name and Numbers – Directed by: Jarod O’Flaherty (28 mins)
Watch the trailer
A popular student athlete is violently assaulted with no clues left about the attacker. Detective Gary Travis follows a thin lead to the victim’s ex-girlfriend where a story of bitterness, harassment, and revenge unfolds. This is the second episode of the Vindication series, a ten-part faith-based crime drama. More episodes are now in production.

Summer of ’67 – Directed by: Sharon Wilharm (1 hr 23 mins)
Watch the trailer
Two sisters live in the shadow of their mother’s suicide, struggling to live their lives and protect their loved ones in the face of the Vietnam War.

Guest can walk the red carpet and enjoy the festival awards show and concert. Featuring performances by 2x Grammy nominateed recording artist Jamie Grace, Comedian Seth Knorr, Musical artists Dandy, Charisah, Hip Hop/Rapper J. Malinich,  Performance artist Rich Swingle, and others!

Lots of great films from the festival will be honored:
List of nominees is coming soon!

10:00AM - 11:30PM
Documentary Screening

Coronado – Directed by: Kamen Kuntchef (1 hr 30 mins)
Watch the trailer

Director Kamen Kuntchef takes us on an emotional journey through the life of Milton Coronado. Milton comes from A difficult upbringing that leads him to join a prominent Chicago gang as a tagger. At an early age he loses his mother to an illness and later loses his father through gang violence. He later finds a relationship with Christ which opens a new world of using his talents for good. He later becomes one of the first Christian Graffiti artists in the Chicago area. This is an inspiring story of a life transformed through the power of God.

Essie – Directed by: Brook Pruitt (1 hour) 
Watch the trailer

Essie Ebrahimi immigrated from Iran in the early 70s and lives in Montevallo, Alabama. He has been a woodturner since 1997. He also shares his religious experiences that are very moving and powerful. He spends months making one piece of woodwork. He has a room full of wood working pieces that have never been viewed publicly until the Fall of 2017, when he displayed his work at Orr Park for the Montevallo Bicentinneal Bash then again at a juried Art Show called the Bluff Park Art Show in Hoover, Alabama. He wins 1st place at the 54th Annual Bluff Park Art Show for his Persian pierced wood platter project. He had never participated in a juried art show and it’s very unique that he won an Art Show on his very first try. His woodturning pieces are a labor of love and have many intricate details. Essie makes platters, vases, bowls, crosses, and pierces wood.

Breaking Good – Directed by: Larry Amon (2 hrs 06 mins)

A documentary about Christian filmmakers and their dreams to make great Christian films.

The Fantasy Makers – Directed by: Andrew Wall (1 hr 28 mins)
Watch the trailer

J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and George MacDonald were the pioneers of the fantasy genre, and their impact is unmistakable. The Fantasy Makers examines the spiritual influences of these fantasy pioneers and the lasting impact their works have on our present-day culture.

10:00AM - 11:00AM
3D Animation Series and Q&A with creator Cary Burkett

Come see the latest episodes of the 3D Animation Series “Those Who Walk In Darkness” by RedBird Visions founder and series creator Cary Burkett.
You can check out more about the series on RedBird’s YouTube channel (1 hour)

Q&A with Cary Burkett immediately after the showings.


Cary Burkett

Are you an actor, director, or a producer? Do you want to get more involved in the faith based film industry? Come see how the casting process works and how God is using Laura and her company Christian Casting to help the faith based film industry. Laura will run a mock casting session with select actors and walk through the steps in the casting process. All are welcome to attend. Geared toward actors, directors, producers. (1 hour)

Laura Mae - Founder/Owner Christian Casting

My 3 Boys – Directed by: Shorni Hardy (1 hr 25 mins)
Watch the trailer

MAYBELINE a divorced woman, struggling to find herself, discovers her only sister SHARON (mother of 3 young boys), is terminally ill. MAYBELINE’s life is turn upside down, as she takes on a role she never anticipated, fighting to save herself and the 3 young boys.

Lovers Meadow – Directed by: Pekka Honkakosk (2 mins)
A meadow with a special shape in Koli, Finland.

Mystical Crisis – Directed by: Michele Bellio (15 mins)
Watch the trailer
A priest is persecuted by a man in a mystical crisis. To help him he decides to involve him in the preparations for the mass…

I Love You Truly – Directed by: Ian Woodward (22 mins)
I LOVE YOU TRULY is the story of two young people discovering and building trust and finding a soul mate they hope will be with them forever.

I’ll Walk with God – Directed by: Ian Woodward (30 mins)
Watch the trailer
I’LL WALK WITH GOD is a musical drama about a former opera star from America for whom La Bohème and My Fair Lady could not feed his God-given spirituality.

Birthday Adjustment Disorder – Directed by: Jed Malone (1 hr 33 mins)
Watch the trailer
‘Birthday Adjustment Disorder’ is an independent Australian feature film about adjustment and anxiety. Birthday anxiety, status anxiety, life anxiety.